TM Brand Vegetation Barrier
Bush Bib Price List
Eliminate smoke, noise, and labor of string trimming.
Overlaps to prevent weed gaps.
Settles right to the ground - mower decks pass right over it.
Completely inert and "ORGANIC" friendly !
Available in a variety of colors (see below).
Installs in seconds.
No mulch or stakes needed - nothing else to buy.
Eliminates chemical treatments.
Made from post-industrial recycled materials!
NO DIGGING required.
Easy assembly - NONE!
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Available Colors:

Cypress (rust red) Bark (charcoal) Concrete (light gray) Soil (dark brown) Grass (dark green)
Custom colors and markings available in virtually any color for commercial promotion.

Outdoor Display Master Pallet

Standard GMA 40" x 48", approximately 300#
One stack each of 5 standard colors; cypress, concrete, soil, grass and bark
Each stack is 5 10-packs; 250 units total
Overall stretch-wrapped
Specify marking for individual or 10pk-only sale